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Find radio & TV stations: broadcasters lists

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The ACMA has lists of licensed broadcasters for public use, arranged by the area they serve, metropolitan and regional, as well as multi-state services.

The broadcasters by postcode search function is based on data collected from Australian Census archives, combined with broadcaster transmitter information collected by the ACMA. Due to inconsistencies in Australian postcode areas—one postcode can span multiple locations—results are indicative only.

While the broadcasters search function does not support searching of narrowcasting services in Australia, you can download a list of narrowcasting broadcasters in Australia.

Helpful definitions

During your search, you may come across some terms which may not be familiar to you:

  • Licence area name—this is how the ACMA splits up licence areas in Australia.

  • Call sign—the ACMA allocates a call sign to each licensed broadcaster in Australia.

  • Polarisation—refers to the polarisation the transmitter broadcasts in. If you have an aerial for your TV, you should set it up either horizontally or vertically, depending on the polarisation of the station you are tuning to.

  • On air ID—broadcasters can nominate an on air identification, which can be different from their call sign. For example, the frequency 96.9 in Sydney has the call sign 2SYD, but uses the on air ID Nova FM. A list of call signs for radio and television broadcasters can be downloaded from this page.

Last updated: 17 October 2018