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How ACMA handles broadcasting complaints

The ACMA takes all valid complaints seriously. All complaints are acknowledged in writing.

The ACMA can only help if your complaint is covered by a:

  1. code of practice

  2. licence condition

  3. standard

  4. provision of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992

The ACMA will:

  1. consider the information you provide

  2. gather information from other sources if necessary

  3. get more information from the broadcaster concerned

  4. assess your complaint against the rules

  5. notify you of the outcome

Most investigation reports are published:

  1. on the ACMA website

  2. in the Annual Report (summary only)

The ACMA may also issue a media release.

The ACMA does not use a complainant’s name in an investigation report. However, complainants need to be aware that some details of the complaint may receive publicity, regardless of whether a breach is found.

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Last updated: 28 July 2016