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Complaints the ACMA does not handle

There are issues associated with broadcasting which you might think the ACMA deals with, but which are actually the responsibility of another government agency or industry body.

The ACMA does not:

  • make programs, or schedule them;
  • handle complaints about a station's choice of programming;
  • license ABC or SBS services;
  • handle complaints about advertising on the ABC;
  • deal with false and misleading advertising;
  • resolve disputes about consumer issues for fault repair or billing for pay TV services;
  • deal with defamation claims.

The following organisations may be able to provide assistance with issues that the ACMA does not handle. You can go straight to the relevant agency's website by clicking on the agency's name below.

Type of complaint Who may be able to handle your complaint
Advertising content related to discrimination, sex, nudity, language or health and safety Advertising Standards Bureau 
False and misleading advertising Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
Classification of films (except those broadcast on television or provided on a subscription television service), publications and computer games Classification Board
Business contracts with broadcasters Australian Competition & Consumer Commission
Office of Fair Trading/Consumer Affairs in your state or territory
Prizes for competitions or quiz games on TV or radio Government office responsible for competitions/gambling in your state or territory
Copyright or performing and recording rights Australian Copyright Council
Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA)
Journalists' code of ethics Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA)
Rights of actors and musicians Actors Equity (see MEAA)
Australian Performing Rights Association
Defamation Covered by civil law in each state - consult a solicitor
Articles published by the print media.
(Note that complaints about advertising are dealt with by the Advertising Standards Bureau and not the Australian Press Council.)
Australian Press Council
Internal management and constitutional issues for community radio Office of Fair Trading/Consumer Affairs in your state or territory
Disputes about repairs to pay TV equipment that you cannot resolve with your service provider, or if you have a disagreement about charges or payment of your pay TV account Contact the government department which handles consumer disputes in your state or territory

For agencies not linked to this page, check the telephone directory or search the internet.

Last updated: 17 December 2012