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Complaints about the ABC or SBS

You can make a complaint to the ABC or SBS on the grounds that the broadcaster has acted contrary to its code of practice.

Licence conditions contained in the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 do not apply to the ABC or SBS. The ABC and SBS each has its own Act of Parliament and charter.

Complaining to the ABC

A complaint about a radio or television program broadcast by an ABC service can be lodged in writing via post or an online complaints form – refer to the ABC website for more information.

Complaining to SBS

A complaint about SBS radio or television can be can be lodged in writing via post or email – refer to the SBS website for more information.


The ABC and SBS have to provide a captioning service for television programs in accordance with Part 9D of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992.

ABC: Refer to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) website for information.

SBS: Refer to the ACMA website for information.

Referring your complaint to the ACMA

You can refer the matter to the ACMA if:

  1. you believe the broadcaster’s response is inadequate
  2. you have not received a response to your complaint within 60 days.

This applies only to content broadcast on TV or radio.

You can submit your complaint via the broadcasting complaint form.

You should attach:

  1. a copy of your complaint to the broadcaster
  2. a copy of the broadcaster’s response (if received)
  3. any other relevant correspondence between you and the broadcaster.

Send it to the ACMA, or email ACMA Privacy Policy can be accessed here

Last updated: 08 April 2013