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ACMA consults on benefits for wireless microphone users

Wireless microphone users will have more flexibility and be able to use their devices in more places under proposals being considered by the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

In response to stakeholder feedback, the ACMA has published a consultation paper seeking comments on proposed amendments to regulation affecting wireless microphone users.

‘Users of wireless microphones make a very important contribution to the Australian economy and community,’ said Chris Chapman, ACMA Chairman. ‘The proposed changes would be another step towards supporting the transition of wireless microphones out of the digital dividend spectrum.’

The digital dividend spectrum will be used to deliver 4G mobile services from 1 January 2015.

Wireless microphones are used by a wide range of community groups and businesses in their day-to-day work, including schools, theatres, gyms and places of worship.

The proposed changes would benefit all wireless microphone users by:

  • Removing limitations on the use of wireless microphones operating in the 520-694 megahertz (MHz) frequency range
  • Allowing the indoor use of wireless microphones operating in 520-694 MHz at venues such as, theatres and sporting complexes.

Other changes are also being proposed, including allowing the use of ultra wide-band (UWB) transmitters that may provide short range wireless links between personal computers and peripheral devices such as displays and industrial sensors.

‘Notwithstanding these changes under consideration, wireless microphone users must still be ready for the wireless microphone switch-off,’ Mr Chapman said. ‘The ACMA is strongly advising community groups and businesses to check their devices now to make sure they can continue to be used after 31 December 2014.’

From 1 January 2015, wireless microphones need to be re-tuned or replaced. If they can’t be retuned, they can’t be legally used after that date. Fact sheets on the change are available from

Interested parties have until 27 April 2014 to submit their response to the proposed changes.

Media release 14/2014 - 14 March

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