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Apparatus Callsigns

Call signs are a unique series of letters and/or numbers allocated to a radiocommunications user for identification purposes.

At the start of each transmission the licensee of an Earth, Earth receive, Space, and Space receive station must use either:

  1. a form of identification that clearly identifies that station

  2. a call sign allocated by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA)

Call signs allocated to stations have to conform to International Telecommunication Union Radio Regulations and must be used for all on-air communications including testing.

Callsign template

Licence type

Call sign template



AXmn, Axmnn

AX82 or AX205

Earth Receive

AXmn, Axmnn, VZmnn, VNmnn, VMmnn

AX82 or AX205

Space Receive

An or Bn

A1 or B2


An or Bn

A1 or B2


m equates to a number in the range 2-9


Last updated: 26 September 2013