The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) is an independent dispute resolution service for resolving complaints with your phone or internet company.

It's a free service available to residential and small business consumers. 

The TIO deals with complaints about landline, mobile and internet services on topics such as:

  • billing
  • connecting new services
  • transferring a service 
  • faults
  • poor customer service
  • contracts
  • internet access difficulties

The TIO has a more complete list of the types of telecommunications complaints that they can handle.

The TIO also has a role in handling objections by owners or occupiers of land on which a carrier intends to undertake land inspection, or installation of certain types of facility or maintenance activities.

See the ACMA fact sheet Installation of telecommunications facilities for more information.

Taking your complaint to the TIO 

If you have a complaint about your internet, mobile or landline service, you should first try to resolve the problem directly with your service provider. If they don't respond to your complaint, or if you are dissatisfied with their response, you are entitled to take your complaint to the TIO.

The TIO aims to settle complaints quickly. Generally, the first step the TIO takes is to get in touch with your provider and give them ten days to fix your problem. About 90% of complaints are resolved this way. 

Reaching a settlement in some cases can prove more difficult and may require further action by the TIO, meaning that they can take longer to resolve.

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Last updated: 13 December 2018