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Phone numbers—overview

The ACMA regulates telephone numbering in Australia, including how numbers are used, transferred and withdrawn.

The Numbering Plan

The Numbering Plan sets out the framework for the numbering of carriage services in Australia and how these numbers are used. It specifies the rules for the allocation, transfer, surrender, portability and use of different types of numbers in connection with the supply of carriage services. The Numbering Plan covers geographic numbers, freephone numbers (1800), local rate numbers (13, 1300), premium rate numbers (19) and mobile phone numbers.

Keeping your number

Keeping your number when you change from one telco provider to another is known as ‘number portability’. Read more about porting mobile, local and inbound numbers.

Your rights to use a number

The ACMA allocates phone numbers to phone companies and they issue numbers to their customers. When you are issued a phone number, you become the ‘Rights of Use’ (ROU) holder for that number. This means you have a contractual relationship with a phone company to use that number. Find out more about your rights to telephone numbers.

Using smartnumbers 

Smartnumbers are 13, 1300 (local rate) or 1800 (freephone) telephone numbers. Businesses, individuals and other entities may purchase the rights of use to 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers through the ACMA's Numbering System.

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