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How to monitor your spending

Ever lost track of how much data you’re using? Have you been caught out by an expensive game or in-app purchase?

Don’t despair. These tools and tips can help you manage your spending so you don’t get any more nasty surprises when your bill arrives.

Is your phone bill a shocker? Watch our video for info about the tools you can use to manage your spending.

Spend-management tools

Check your usage

  • Keep an eye on your automated usage alerts—your telco is required to send these when you reach 50, 85 and 100 per cent of your data limit, unless you’re on a pre-paid plan.
  • Download your telco’s mobile app to have usage updates at your fingertips.
  • Log in to your account on your telco’s website.
  • Call or SMS your telco to request your account balance and expiry dates.

Save your mobile data

  • Switch to Wi-Fi whenever you can.
  • Check out how to reduce your costs if you are planning to use your mobile while overseas.

Reduce call and SMS charges

  • Bar calls to high-cost services such as mobile premium services or international calls.
  • Ask your telco to explain charges before you use a high-cost service.

Add limits to your usage

  • Ask your telco to set a maximum spending limit or data cap on your account.
  • Ask your telco to bar in-app and third-party purchases to reduce unexpected mobile content charges.
  • Ask your telco about plans which offer reduced broadband internet speeds when you reach your data limit (known as speed or data shaping). Choosing one of these plans can ensure you’re never caught out with unexpected excess data charges.

Consider a pre-paid account

  • Pre-paid accounts—with a set amount paid upfront to your telco—are a great way to control your total spend. 

Your telco is not required to provide you with all of these options, but they must offer you a free, easily accessible way to manage your spending. Contact them directly to find out what tools they offer.

Last updated: 10 January 2019