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Report SMS spam

Spam SMS—0429 999 888

When you receive a spam SMS message, you can now forward it to the dedicated telephone number 0429 999 888 to report it directly to the ACMA. You will be billed the standard rate for sending SMS messages by your mobile phone provider. Your report will be recorded in the ACMA's database and used to monitor SMS spam activity.

Registering to use the service is not essential, but does mean that the ACMA can easily contact you about messages you receive.

See our Spam SMS FAQ below for more information.

Report Spam

The ACMA’s Privacy Policy contains information including how you can access and correct personal information, how you can make a complaint about the ACMA’s compliance with the Privacy Act and Privacy contact details.

To learn more about why the ACMA is collecting personal information as part of this process, and the purposes for which that information will be used, please see the Collection Notification information here.

Register your details

For information about how your personal information and Spam SMS reports will be used by the ACMA, please review the ACMA privacy policy and the Spam—complaints-handling policy.

Taking action on your report

The spam complaints-handling policy provides more information on how the ACMA handles reports and complaints about spam.

If you have a complaint in relation to the SMS message you have reported and would like assistance from the ACMA to resolve the complaint, please call the Unsolicited Communications Compliance Team on 1300 855 180 or complete the complaints form.

Questions and answers about Spam SMS—0429 999 888

The following information may help you to stop unsolicited MMS or SMS messages.

What types of SMS messages should I report to Spam SMS?

You can report any commercial SMS messages you receive that are unwanted or unsolicited.

Can I report MMS messages?

At this stage, capacity to report MMS is not available.

How do I forward a message?

While the method for forwarding messages will be specific to your mobile phone, most phones have a standard forward function in the same location as the delete and reply functions.

What happens after an SMS is sent?

Once you have submitted an SMS message, you should receive an acknowledgement SMS.

Will Spam SMS stop the messages for me?

Spam SMS allows you to report spam to the ACMA and is used by the ACMA to monitor trends in spam activity and to inform investigations. Forwarding a message to Spam SMS will not stop the messages.

If you have a complaint you need to be resolved in relation to the message you have received, for example you have not been able to unsubscribe from receiving a particular type of message, you should submit a complaint to the ACMA or contact the ACMA on 1300 855 180. A compliance officer will then contact you about your complaint.

Is it safe to reply 'STOP'?

Replying 'stop' to a message is the quickest way to opt out of receiving more messages. Some messages may also include a telephone number that you can call to ensure you will not be contacted again.

If you do not wish to respond to the message yourself, you can try calling your mobile telephone service provider and asking them to resolve the issue or lodging a complaint with the ACMA.

I am registered on the Do Not Call Register, why do I receive unsolicited SMS messages?

While your mobile telephone number can be registered on the Do Not Call Register to limit telemarketing calls, the Do Not Call Register Act 2006 does not extend to SMS.

Why am I being charged for receiving messages I don't want?

Charges to your telephone account for SMS or MMS messages are often a mobile premium service.

To stop the messages you can either:

  • Call the premium content supplier's helpline about charges or to stop the service
  • Call your telephone service provider about charges and ask them to stop the service
  • text 'STOP' to the number included in the message or on your bill. You should then receive a message from the content supplier confirming the cancellation of the service.

More tips and information about mobile premium services are available. Complaints about the billing of these services should be directed, in the first instance, to your mobile phone service provider. In the event your complaint remains unresolved, you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) on 1800 062 058 or visit its website at

I have received an SMS message that looks like I have tried to subscribe to a service or asks me to complete a subscription. What can I do?

This type of SMS is called a service confirmation message or service request message. The message is part of a process called 'double opt-in'. Double opt-in is used to confirm that the person who owns the mobile telephone number is the person who has requested the service. A service confirmation message or service request message is part of the final stage of this process. By not replying to the message, this will ensure that you are not subscribed to a service you do not want.

If you receive the message more than once, report it to Spam SMS.

Other frequently asked questions about spam.

Last updated: 03 July 2015