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Spam complaint form - email

30 May 2013

Spam complaint form - email

You may complain to the ACMA about spam sent to you though email using our online complaints form.

Use this form to complain about commercial email.

In order to fully assess a complaint, the ACMA requires that you provide all the information detailed in this form. If you do not provide this information, the ACMA will regard your submission as a report of spam activity rather than a complaint.

It is now quick and easy to report spam to the ACMA by forwarding the email to the Spam Intelligence Database on

The spam complaints handling policy provides details on how the ACMA handles complaints, reports and enquiries. Please review the policy and call 1300 855 180 if you have any queries.

The ACMA’s Privacy Policy contains information including how you can access and correct personal information, how you can make a complaint about the ACMA’s compliance with the Privacy Act and Privacy contact details.

To learn more about why the ACMA is collecting personal information as part of this process, and the purposes for which that information will be used, please see the Collection Notification information here.

Important note:

When forwarding an email message, please do not change the subject line of the message or add additional text. The ACMA will only contact you in relation to a report if it requires further information to assist it in its anti-spam activities.

Please note that the ACMA will not contact you about your complaint unless it requires further information.