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Mobile phones in Australia

Using your mobile phone in Australia

Can I operate my mobile phone?

Yes. Provided you have arranged for a roaming agreement with your service provider.

Mobile telephone network operators in Australia have established international roaming agreements with a number of counterparts in other countries.  If there is a roaming agreement in place between your service provider and an Australian mobile telephone network, you should be able to arrange Australian access prior to your departure for Australia.

If a roaming agreement is not in place you will need to contact an Australian mobile telephone service provider to arrange connection.

You will need to make prior arrangements with your communications carrier or service provider to ensure you are able to use your mobile phone in Australia.

Mobile satellite systems

A number of satellite based systems are also able to provide cellular mobile telephone services in Australia. Some satellite operators have licensed the operation of all devices that use their system, including customer equipment such as mobile terminals. Other satellite system operators have not licensed the operation of their systems in Australia. Because of this, it is necessary for customers to obtain a licence from the ACMA before using some mobile satellites systems in Australia.

Last updated: 03 March 2019