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Migrating to the NBN: stay connected

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Over eight million internet and landline phone services are being switched off across Australia—get prepared so you stay connected.

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is an Australian Government initiative to upgrade Australia’s telecommunications network infrastructure. The network upgrade will result in significant changes to how landline phone and internet services are provided.

Consumers need to become aware of what is required to obtain services over the NBN, as some services over the NBN will operate differently. You may need new equipment, new in-premises cabling, battery backup services and you should also know the circumstances where your services will and will not work.

As the NBN reaches an increasing number of suburbs across Australia, it's essential consumers prepare for when their existing phone and internet services are disconnected. Be prepared, be informed, place an order well before the disconnection date in your suburb and stay connected.

The ACMA has produced an NBN migration infographic, which sets out the path to the NBN and the steps you need to take. A text only accessible version and a printable version of the infographic is available.

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Most existing landline phone services and ADSL (including cable internet and phone services) will be disconnected from existing networks.  You should check your address to identify when the NBN is coming to your area, register to receive information from NBN Co and start planning for migration of your services to the new network, the NBN.

So far, over 900,000 premises have connected to the new network and will stay connected. Over the next five years, NBN Co forecasts that eight million premises will be disconnected from existing networks and reconnect to the NBN. Migration to the NBN is not automatic.  Consumers in NBN areas must contact a landline phone or internet service provider or they will be disconnected.

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Last updated: 14 December 2017