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Migrating to the NBN is not automatic

It’s important to know that migrating to the NBN is not automatic—there are certain steps you need to take.

Once NBN Co has announced that your area is NBN ready, you may have up to 18 months to move your phone and internet services to the NBN.* #

You must contact your preferred service provider to move to the NBN. If you do not contact your preferred service provider, your existing landline and internet services will be disconnected, so make sure you’re in the know to stay connected.

Choosing a service provider and plan for the NBN

NBN Co does not provide services directly to the public, but acts as a wholesaler to other service providers. Contact your preferred service provider when you’re ready to move to the NBN. You may wish to remain with your current telecommunications provider or choose a new one.

When you choose an internet service on the NBN, you’ll be given choices about the speed of the broadband connection.

The price of your NBN service will depend on the download (and upload) speed of your NBN service and the amount of your monthly data allowance. Your monthly allowance is normally measured in gigabytes (GB).

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* There are some types of services (typically special business services) that are exempt from the managed disconnection process. For more information on see Telstra’s special services and exemptions pages.

# The Telstra telephone network in fixed wireless and satellite areas will not be switched off until at least 2032.

Last updated: 06 November 2017