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Complaints about NBN services

If you have a complaint about the installation, connection, repair or operation of your internet and/or telephone service supplied over the NBN, in the first instance contact your retail service provider. If your complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may then contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO). The ACMA has also developed an extensive guide on how and where to make a complaint.

Complaints to the TIO

The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman) (TIO) provides a free and independent dispute resolution service for small business and residential customers who have a complaint about their telephone or internet service in Australia.  The TIO’s goal is to settle disputes quickly in an objective and non-bureaucratic way.

Complaints to NBN Co

As NBN Co is a wholesale-only provider, complainants are recommended to seek to resolve issues directly with their retail service provider. Anyone can, however, raise a complaint with NBN Co.  NBN Co’s complaint management policy can be found on their website.

Complaints about damage to property

An owner of a property, may be entitled to compensation for any financial loss or damage caused by a telecommunications provider entering and inspecting land, or installing or maintaining a low-impact facility.

The TIO handle complaints about damage to a person’s property by a telecommunications provider. For more information, visit the TIO’s website.

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Last updated: 14 December 2017