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What is the Do Not Call Register?

Information for consumers

The Do Not Call Register (DNCR) is a free service where consumers can securely register their home, mobile or fax numbers to reduce unsolicited telemarketing calls or marketing faxes. It is unlawful for certain unsolicited telemarketing calls to be made, or marketing faxes to be sent, to a number listed on the register.

How do I register my number?

Register online at www.donotcall.gov.au, call 1300 792 958 to register by telephone, or complete a postal registration form available on the website. Telemarketers and fax marketers have 30 days from the date you register to stop contacting you.

Will registering my number stop all unsolicited communications?

No. registering your number on the DNCR will reduce telemarketing calls or marketing faxes, but it will not stop all unsolicited calls or faxes. Even if you have registered your number, you may still be lawfully contacted in the following circumstances:

  • Where the communication is not a telemarketing call or a marketing fax - Many unwanted calls or faxes are not considered telemarketing calls or marketing faxes because they don’t have a commercial purpose. Examples include communications in relation to debt collection, product recall, fault verification, appointment reminder or rescheduling, or payments.
  • Where you have provided consent - Your consent to be called or faxed may be given expressly, or it may be inferred if you have an existing business relationship with the company contacting you—for example, if you have an account with the organisation or you’ve completed a web form requesting contact. You can withdraw your consent at any time by asking the organisation not to call or fax.
  • Where the organisation making the communication is exempt from the DNCR obligations - Some public interest organisations, such as registered charities, political parties and educational institutions can still contact numbers on the DNCR.

Will registering my number stop scam calls?

No. Registering your number with the DNCR will not prevent you from receiving phone calls or faxes related to scams.

The best way to protect yourself from scams is to simply hang up on the caller. You should never give an unsolicited caller any personal or financial information, access to your computer or your credit card details.

Additional obligations for telemarketers

While some organisations may continue to lawfully make telemarketing call or send marketing faxes, all telemarketers must still operate under the rules set out in the Telecommunications (Telemarketing and Research Calls) Industry Standard and the Fax Marketing Industry Standard. These rules apply regardless of whether a number is registered on the DNCR.

Both industry standards include restrictions on the times and days when telemarketing may be conducted or marketing faxes may be sent. These communications are permitted on weekdays between the hours of 9am-8pm, on Saturdays between 9am-5pm, and are prohibited on Sundays and National Public Holidays.

Requirements in Telecommunications (Telemarketing and Research Calls) Industry Standard also include:

  • A telemarketing call to be terminated upon request by the recipient.
  • The provision of specific information, including identification details of the caller

Requirements in the Fax Marketing Industry Standard also include:

  • The provision of specific information on a marketing fax, including identification and contact details of the sender.
  • A functional opt-out provision on a marketing fax.
  • A maximum of 10 faxes to be sent by one fax marketer to any particular number in any 24 hour period.

For more information see our page on the industry standards.

What can I do if I continue to receive unsolicited telemarketing calls or marketing faxes?

If you believe that you are receiving telemarketing calls or marketing faxes in breach of the DNCR or the industry standards, you can lodge a complaint with the DNCR by:




Last updated: 30 March 2017