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Your Provider: Changing wholesale networks

If your existing provider proposes to change your telecommunications service to a different wholesale network provider it must notify you of the following details prior to initiating the change:

  • the telecommunications service that will be moved to the new network
  • details of how your telecommunications service may be materially affected by the change e.g. the service features, characteristics or pricing
  • any impact on your use of existing equipment
  • any change in contact details of your service provider
  • the proposed completion date of change
  • contact details for lodging an enquiry or complaint about the change
  • your rights to terminate the contract, including the notice period and any contract termination charges applicable if you choose not to agree to the proposed change of network.

If you are in an area that is ready to connect to the NBN, you may wish to transfer to the NBN with your current phone or internet service provider. You should contact your provider to understand what the process will be. You are likely to need to enter a new contract for the NBN service.  Alternatively, you might want to consider other service providers that could provide you with an NBN service.

You may terminate your contract if you have given notice, as required by your contract with your existing provider. However you may have to pay a termination charge, which could be significant if you have several months left on your contract.

Your existing service provider must terminate your telecommunication service contract within 5 working days of receiving your notice.

Last updated: 03 March 2019