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Scam calls & the DNCR

Continuing to receive unwanted telemarketing calls when you’ve taken the time to list your number on the Do Not Call Register (DNCR) is frustrating.

While the DNCR is effective in reducing the number of unwanted genuine telemarketing calls, many calls that have untraceable origins aren’t genuine. For example, Caller Line Identification (CLI) is not always a reliable indicator of if a call is genuine – even if it appears to originate in Australia. Calls made with an intent to ‘scam’ consumers, such as online technical support scam calls, often involve breaking various laws on a global scale.

Should I complain about scam calls?

Absolutely. Complaints made to the ACMA about scam calls bring to our attention businesses that may be operating outside the boundaries established by the DNCR and the associated legislation and you can also provide details to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC’s) SCAMwatch at

Even in circumstances where the caller is not easily identifiable, the information provided in complaints is extracted and added to our business intelligence database, where it is collated and matched against other information we have gathered
For example, in the past information from complaints made to the DNCR contributed to a thwarting a massive global phone scam.

How can I protect myself from phone scams?

  • Be suspicious of unexpected calls and text messages.
  • Hang up, or text ‘STOP’ to unwanted messages.
  • Don’t give your number to just anyone.
The ACCC administers consumer protection provisions that are directly relevant to scams. If you believe you’ve received a scam telemarketing call, you can provide details to the ACCC’s SCAMwatch.

Where can I find more information?

  • For more information on scams and how to avoid or report them, visit
  • For more information about the DNCR and to register your number, visit or call 1300 792 958.

Last updated: 30 March 2017