Tagged: Makes teens think twice online | ACMA

Tagged: Makes teens think twice online

MR 18/2013 - 21 March 2013

An independent evaluation of the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s award-winning cybersafety short film Tagged has found it is successfully helping teenagers to think about the potential consequences of their online actions.

‘Children and young people do a lot of things online, and for most of them most of the time it’s a positive experience,’ said ACMA Deputy Chairman, Richard Bean. ‘But managing their digital reputations effectively is a real challenge for young people, as is dealing with online behaviour like cyberbullying and sexting.’ 

Focus group research with young people aged 13-17 found that the 18-minute video and accompanying learning materials strongly increased the teenagers’ understanding of the risks associated with negative and inappropriate online behaviour. This included reacting to a situation online or retaliating in the heat of the moment. Teachers saw the Tagged video and lesson plans as meeting an important need for education resources relevant to young people. 

One focus group participant commented that the video shows you should think twice about what you are doing before posting or uploading. ‘Think of other people’s feelings. Ask yourself "what would I feel if I was in this situation?"’ 

‘Cybersmart’s evidence-based resources, like Tagged, address these issues in realistic ways,’ said Richard Bean. ‘Formal evaluation ensures our programs remain bang on target. Young people told us that Tagged has an engaging format, characters they could relate to and a powerful storyline which is realistic and relevant as well as presenting new information.’ 

For more information or to arrange an interview with Sharon Trotter, Manager Cybersmart Programs, please contact: Danielle Redmond, Senior Communications Advisor, (02) 9334 7983 or email danielle.redmond@acma.gov.au

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