Consumer alert: Watch out for tax scammers | ACMA

Consumer alert: Watch out for tax scammers

The ACMA is reminding consumers to raise their guard as the new financial year is a prime time for tax related scams.

Every year at tax time our Spam and Do Not Call Register compliance area see an increase in reports about scam phone calls, emails and SMS’ from people pretending to be from the ATO or other organisations. Many scammers claim the consumer has a refund owing that they can collect by providing additional information or paying a small fee. Others claim a payment is owed to the Tax Office. In some instances threats may be made if payments are not immediately made. 

The ATO has excellent information on current tax related scams and how you can spot, report and protect yourself from scammers on their website. Take a look.

Do not provide personal or financial information in response to unsolicited calls, SMS or emails claiming you are owed money. You can always double check with the ATO via contacts found on their official website:

Last updated: 17 September 2018