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Internet security & safety

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The ACMA regulates online content and provides information about safe use of the internet and mobile phones, specifically:

  • investigating complaints about online content and internet gambling

  • developing and monitoring codes of practice

  • advising on online issues such as theft prevention and children’s safety

Spam and e-Security

The ACMA enforces the Spam Act and fights spam in Australia. The Act covers email, instant messaging, SMS and MMS. The ACMA also focuses on e-security, helping protect Australians from computer fraud and identity theft.

Staying safe online

Social networking has many benefits, but putting personal information online comes with risks

  • online dating is a great way to meet people but be careful giving away too much information to people you don’t know

  • social networking allows free expression but this can come with occasional legal consequences for the user

  • location based services use technology to find your mobile’s geographic location but you need to be aware of risks associated with disclosing your whereabouts online

  • spending excessive amounts of time can have a negative impact on the wellbeing of the user and his family and friends

Last updated: 17 December 2012