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Cable your home with a registered professional

2 May 2012

If you need new phone, internet or security cabling in your home, make sure you do your homework first. We’ve developed some simple tips to help you hire a professional registered cabler who will perform this complicated work properly:

  • Cabling providers must be appropriately registered and be able to produce a current registration identification card on request.

  • Cabling providers must be able to produce a signed document (TCA1) stating that the work complies with the relevant industry cabling standard.

  • Cabling providers must be able to demonstrate that the installed cabling is fit for its purpose—for example, internet connectivity.

Consumers will also benefit from new competency requirements for cabling providers who install specialised cabling in customer homes. The changes follow industry concerns that some cabling providers lack the necessary skills to perform this specialised cabling work in a changing technological environment.

From 1 July 2012, there will be additional competency requirements for specialised cabling, such as structured, broadband (internet), optical fibre and co-axial cabling that is used to deploy enhanced services to end users. Existing cabling providers who install these specialised cables, but who have not already attained the additional competencies, will have a two-year transition period in which to upskill.

To be registered, a cabling provider must meet certain competencies set by the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s (the ACMA) Cabling Provider Rules. These competencies form the basis for training programs developed by industry skills councils and delivered by recognised training organisations.

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Last updated: 18 July 2016