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Testing devices against ACMA performance requirements

Australia's Radiocommunications Licensing and Compliance Framework requires certain types of radiocommunications equipment to comply with equipment performance requirements. These requirements are stipulated in radiocommunications standards, ministerial standards, equipment compliance requirements or as licence conditions.

Testing requirements

Successful testing of radiocommunications equipment against the relevant equipment performance requirement provides assurance that the equipment complies with the licensing and compliance framework.

While some standards require testing to be undertaken by a recognised accredited laboratory, other equipment performance requirements only require self-certification that the equipment complies with the requirements.

If the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) thinks it necessary, in order to issue a licence, it may, under section 101 of the Radiocommunications Act 1992, by written notice given to the applicant for a transmitter licence or a receiver licence, request the applicant to submit the device for testing. In such circumstances, testing would be undertaken by the ACMA, or persons authorised by the ACMA.

The ACMA's Radiocommunications Compliance Laboratory is accredited by the National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) and it provides a wide range of radiocommunications testing and assessment services to industry and the general public.

Test reports and compliance certificates issued by the ACMA Radiocommunications Compliance Laboratory are required to be kept in the equipment suppliers' compliance folders.

For information about testing radiocommunications devices not covered by known equipment performance requirements, please refer to the information paper Testing radiocommunications devices where no equipment performance requirements are specified (spectrum impact assessments)

What should be provided to have a device tested by the ACMA?

When applying to the ACMA Radiocommunications Compliance Laboratory for testing or assessment you need to supply:

  1. a completed Application for radiocommunications compliance testing (form R200)

  2. a cheque, for the appropriate assessment fee in Australian dollars, made payable to the Receiver of Public Monies

  3. a representative sample of the product to be assessed in a condition suitable for assessment with, where applicable, connections to the following readily accessible:

  4. operating instructions and any necessary service instructions

  5. one set of circuit diagrams giving component values and tolerances

  6. a detailed list of the manufacturer's published performance specifications and

  7. any other ancillary items needed to assess the product, for example, interconnecting leads, power lead, software, and instructions.

Note: For receivers, the 'mute' must be either disabled, or be switchable, to allow low level radiofrequency receiver assessment to be undertaken.

The above articles can be submitted to the:

ACMA Radiocommunications Compliance Laboratory
Level 32, Melbourne Central Tower
360 Elizabeth Street

The postal address is:

ACMA Radiocommunications Compliance Laboratory
PO Box 13112 Law Courts

Failure to supply the above articles at the time of application may delay the testing or assessment of the device.


All information, relating to radiocommunications equipment tested by the ACMA, is treated as 'commercial in confidence', and will not be disclosed to any third party, without the written permission of the supplier of the equipment being assessed, unless required by law.

How long does evaluation take?

Detailed technical evaluation of equipment takes time. Importers and potential operators should provide relevant information and material to the ACMA well in advance of launch dates or expected start dates.

Spectrum availability

The availability of spectrum for the purposes of licensing is a separate issue from that of equipment testing. While equipment may be approved for use in Australia, spectrum may not be available at a particular location.


ACMA’s Radiocommunications Compliance Laboratory
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Last updated: 19 February 2016