Proposed update to the Australian Radiofrequency Spectrum Plan

Consultation closes: 24 October 2016

IFC: 21/2016

Online consultation

The consultation process has led to some minor changes being made to the proposed draft instrument. The Australian Radiofrequency Spectrum Plan has now been remade by the ACMA—the instrument and Explanatory Statement are now available on the FRLI website.


Read the discussion and outcome of this consultation.


Submissions and comments

Seventeen submissions were received by the ACMA on this issue, two of which were marked confidential. Submissions can be accessed from the right hand side index box.


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Update to the Australian Radiofrequency Spectrum Plan: Summary of and response to submissions

373 KB 

Discussion paper—Proposed update to the Australian Radiofrequency Spectrum Plan

364 KB

Attachment A—Marked-up version of the Australian Radiofrequency Spectrum Plan 2013

630 KB

Attachment B—Draft Unspecified Services Policy Statement and case studies

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Issue for comment

This paper and attachments set out a proposal to remake the Australian Radiofrequency Spectrum Plan 2013 (the Spectrum Plan). The Spectrum Plan is made under section 30 of the Radiocommunications Act 1992. Among other things, the Spectrum Plan divides the spectrum into frequency bands and specifies the general purpose or purposes for which bands may be used.

Following each World Radiocommunication Conference (usually held every three to four years) the International Telecommunication Union updates its (treaty level) international Table of Frequency Allocations. The ACMA is proposing to remake the Spectrum Plan to reflect changes agreed upon at the World Radiocommunication Conference 2015 in respect of parts of the international Frequency Allocation Table that are referenced in the Spectrum Plan, as well as other international changes that Australia has agreed to in principle. Domestic approval of the treaty amendments is anticipated but is yet to occur.

In addition to reflecting updated international arrangements, changes proposed to the Spectrum Plan include:

  • updates reflecting domestic changes that have occurred over the past four years
  • correction of a small number of minor typographical errors
  • adding two new Australian footnotes to explicitly support the space vehicle tracking treaty between the Australian and United States governments
  • the insertion of a provision to provide increased flexibility to allow the operation of services not specified in the plan in certain circumstances.
Opportunity to provide feedback

The ACMA has made available for public comment (via the links above) a draft of the proposed Spectrum Plan, as well as a discussion paper, which sets out in greater detail the nature of the proposal. The ACMA invites interested parties to make representations about the draft Spectrum Plan by COB Monday 24 October.

Specific feedback is sought on:

  • updates to the Spectrum Plan, including both the introductory section (Attachment A – Chapter 1) and the legislative instrument (Attachment A, Chapter 2)
  • the draft Unspecified Services Policy Statement (Attachment B), which relates to the application of the proposed provision to provide increased flexibility to allow the operation of services not specified in the Spectrum Plan in certain circumstances.

Online submissions can be made via the ACMA’s online submission form, or postal submissions can be sent to the address set out in the paper.

How to submit

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