Proposal to amend Do Not Call Register fees and remake determinations

Consultation closes: 19 April 2017

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You can make comments online, upload a submission or send via email or post. See ‘How to submit’ in the index box. Submission details are also included in the paper.


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For this consultation, comments and submissions will be published at the conclusion of the consultation period, unless the ACMA has accepted a confidentiality claim in relation to the comment or submission or the ACMA deems the comment or submission to be inappropriate for publication.


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Consultation paper:
Proposal to amend fees for accessing the Do Not Call Register in 2017–18 and to remake the Do Not Call Register determinations

456 KB

Draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement:
Do Not Call Register—subscription fees effective 1 July 2017

405 KB

Draft Do Not Call Register (Access Fees) Determination 2017 (the Fees determination)

54 KB

Draft Do Not Call Register (Access to Register) Determination 2017 (the Access determination)

80 KB

Draft Do Not Call Register (Administration and Operation) Determination 2017 (the Administration determination)

57 KB


The ACMA is required to annually review the cost recovery arrangements for the Do Not Call Register (DNCR). To align with this review, the remaking of three legislative instruments due to sunset in October 2017 is being brought forward. These instruments set out the operational arrangements for the DNCR, including fees for accessing the register.

The ACMA is consulting on two proposals, to:

The ACMA is proposing only minor and machinery amendments to the Access determination and the Administration determination. The amended fees will be set out in the remade Fees determination and Cost Recovery Implementation Statement.

Submissions to the consultation paper are due COB, Wednesday 19 April 2017.

Issue for comment

Opportunity to provide feedback

The ACMA welcomes comment from interested stakeholders on the issues raised in this consultation, or any other issues relevant to Draft Cost Recovery Implementation Statement and the remaking of the determinations.

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