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Exposure Draft Radiocommunications Bill: ACMA supporting material

The ACMA has prepared material to help stakeholders better understand the practical implications of the government’s Exposure Draft of the Radiocommunications Bill 2017 (the exposure draft of the Bill).

The ACMA will be responsible for designing and developing new spectrum management arrangements in accordance with the exposure draft of the Bill, should the Bill be enacted in its current form.

The ACMA’s supporting material is intended to provide stakeholders with a greater understanding of how the ACMA envisages key aspects of the Bill may operate, should the Bill be enacted, in order to facilitate consideration of the exposure draft of the Bill.

The ACMA has a particular interest in the views of stakeholders that could inform its approach to transitioning to and implementing the reformed legislation. While the exposure draft of the Bill is available for consultation, the ACMA will join the Department of Communications and the Arts (DoCA) in its stakeholder engagement activities so that the ACMA can benefit from those discussions. However, stakeholders should direct submissions on the package to DoCA as it is the agency responsible for this process.

The ACMA intends to undertake further substantial stakeholder consultation as it designs and then settles on its approach to giving practical effect to the new legislative and policy framework, should the Bill be enacted in its current form.

All views expressed in the ACMA supporting material are preliminary observations only, and have been developed to assist stakeholders in considering and responding to the exposure draft of the Bill. The supporting material cannot and does not fetter the Authority’s discretion in the making of future decisions about the matters discussed in this material or any other matter. The ACMA will assess each decision it makes under the Radiocommunications Act 1992, and under any future legislation, on its merits and in accordance with the requirements of any applicable legislation and administrative law.

No person should rely on statements made in the ACMA supporting material as an indication or explanation of future or present rights and obligations. Neither the ACMA nor the Commonwealth accepts any responsibility or liability for any damage, loss or expense incurred as a result of reliance on any part of the ACMA supporting material. Any person reading this supporting material is advised to also consult the exposure draft of the Bill and DoCA’s explanatory materials.

Download the ACMA supporting material  



Attachment A—The licensing system

460 kB

Attachment B—Annual work program

353 kB

Attachment C—Equipment rules

358 kB

Attachment D—Accreditation

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Attachment E—Interference management

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Last updated: 18 May 2017

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