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Datacasting charge


The 2016-17 forms and handbooks are currently being updated.

Regulatory requirements

All commercial television broadcasting licensees who hold a transmitter licence issued under the Radiocommunications Act 1992 and use the transmitter licence to provide a datacasting service authorised by a datacasting licence under Schedule 6 of the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 must:

Information is reported for the period 1 July to 30 June, unless another reporting period has been agreed in writing with the ACMA.

Lodging a return by 31 December is a statutory requirement. Failure to meet the legislated requirements may result in enforcement action being taken by the ACMA. This may include late payment penalties, infringement notices (fines), civil or criminal prosecution.

There is no mechanism in the legislation for extensions or late lodgment of datacasting returns.

Returns and the comprising documents need to be substantially compliant with the ACMA approved forms. More information about what is considered ‘substantially compliant’ is available here.

Licensees may also need to lodge a broadcasting licence fee return. For more information please go to the broadcasting licence fees webpage.

Lodging your return

Datacasting returns should be lodged electronically by email to The online reporting system for broadcasting licence fees cannot be used to lodge datacasting returns.

Documents that require signatures should be scanned and emailed. Relevant financial information from annual reports should also be emailed.

Datacasting returns may be lodged under one of two options. Option 1 will enable some licensees to reduce costs and preparation time in meeting the legislative requirements. Option 1 is the ACMA’s preferred option. You must ensure that you use the current year forms and handbooks as these are reviewed annually and may differ from previous years. Forms for the 2015-16 return period are available under '2015–16 return year information' at the bottom of this page.


The 2015-16 datacasting handbook sets out how to make and record your payment with the ACMA.

Commercial broadcasters must pay any charges due by electronic funds transfer or bank deposit by 31 December 2016 to the following account:

Bank: ANZ

BSB: 012 951

Account no.: 837924301

Account name: ACMA Official Administered Broadcasting Receipts Account

Please ensure that you include your payment reference or other identifying details, for example, licence number, when you make the payment.

Further information

You can contact the ACMA Revenue Assurance Team at or on (02) 6219 5355 for specific advice about your return.

Licensees may be contacted by the ACMA about their datacasting charge. Contact will be directed to the licensee authorised person, Chief Executive or Chief Financial Officer. View more information about what is considered contact with a licensee.

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Last updated: 28 August 2017