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Broadcasting licence fees (BLF) help directory


The following documents, links and videos provide information and guidance about using the BLF online returns system. 


  1. Broadcasting licence fee requirements handbook - PDF (1.7 mb) or Word (1.5 mb)


Quick Guides

  1. Submitting a return - PDF (1.3 mb) or Word (2.1 mb)

  2. Recording a payment - PDF (524 kb) or Word (927 kb)

Webinar tutorials

The recommended settings for the YouTube videos (marked with an * below) are 720pHD on full-screen viewing. To change the settings select the YouTube bar at the bottom of the screen:

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For an accessible alternative for these videos, please refer to the handbook.

Frequently asked questions

What is AUSkey and how do I use it?

AUSkey is a digital credential used to access government online services. Each person who will be using the BLF ePort system needs to have their own AUSkey.

To obtain an AUSkey, please go to the Australian Business Register website ( and complete the online registration process. When your registration has been approved the Australian Business Register will email you to advise that your AUSkey is ready to download and install. The AUSkey can be stored on your computer or on a USB device. You need to set up your AUSkey before you can access the BLF ePort system.

For more information about AUSkey please go to

What is a ‘one time token’ and how do I get one?

The first time you log into the BLF ePort system you will be asked to enter a ‘one time token’. This will link your ePort account to your AUSkey so that future log in to the system only requires you to enter your AUSkey details.

To obtain a one time token, please phone the ACMA Revenue Assurance team on (02) 6219 5355. One time tokens can only be issued to the individual user, so each system user will need to contact the ACMA to obtain their unique one time token.

What if I forget my password?

Please contact the Australian Business Register on 1800 287 539 or at to request for your password to be reset.

What if my licence details aren’t correct?

The details displayed in the Licence Information tab have been pre-populated based on information previously supplied to the ACMA by the licensee. Please contact the Revenue Assurance team on (02) 6219 5355 or if these details need to be amended.

Can I adjust data for previous periods?

Information displayed for previous periods is based on the ACMA’s assessment of those returns rather than the information submitted by the licensee. If you believe that the figures are incorrect please contact the Revenue Assurance team.

What should I do if the calculated licence fee does not update or is incorrect?

If you alter any of the amounts on the Licence Fee Calculation (B10) schedule then you need to click the "Save" button for the licence fee to be recalculated and displayed.

The formula for calculation of radio and television licence fees are contained in the Radio Licence Fees Act 1964 and the Television Licence Fees Act 1964 respectively. If you have any questions about the calculation of your licence fee please contact the Revenue Assurance team.

How do I complete my online return using option two reporting?

A detailed explanation of submitting a return using option two reporting is set out in the Broadcasting licence fee requirements handbook. The Revenue Assurance team can also answer your questions and can be contacted by email at or by phone on (02) 6219 5355.

Why is my return ‘locked’? How do I unlock it?

Your return is locked from editing at certain stages during its completion so that amounts are not accidentally altered. If you need to amend any amounts that have been locked, select the "Request Unlock" button on the Overview tab. Provide a reason for the unlock request in the pop-up window and then click "Request Unlock". The request will then be sent to the ACMA for consideration and processing. The Revenue Assurance team may contact you to discuss your request.

Some of the fields in my return are marked with this symbol exclamation jpg- what does this mean?

This means there is a validation error within those fields. You will be unable to progress your return until they have been addressed. Click on the symbol to display the reason for the error. If you are having trouble addressing a validation error, please contact the Revenue Assurance Section for assistance.

Why can’t I enter negative amounts into fields?

Where a negative amount would normally be entered – e.g. a deduction – the system is designed so that an amount entered in that field is automatically subtracted. The only field that will accept a negative amount is the adjustment field on the Licence Fee Calculation (B10) schedule. If you need to enter a negative amount in a field other than the adjustment field, please contact the Revenue Assurance team for assistance.

Is this system connected to the bank or financial system?

No, this is an online system for submission of BLF returns to the ACMA and for recording associated payments. You will need to transfer the funds to the ACMA using your financial institution.

What security measures are used in the system?

The BLF ePort system incorporates measures such as secure log-on via AUSkey, encoding of information during transfer and storage, and restricted system access to ensure that information is managed in a way that reflects its level of sensitivity. If you have any questions about the security of your information please contact the Revenue Assurance team.



Last updated: 07 February 2017