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IPND Scheme authorisations

The Telecommunications Integrated Public Number Database Scheme 2017 provides for the ACMA to grant authorisations to persons wishing to use and disclose IPND data for the publication and maintenance of a public number directory (PND) or for the conduct of research of a kind specified by the minister as being in the public interest.  

There are no authorisations currently in place to access IPND data for the purpose of conducting research.

The table below lists authorisations under the Scheme that have been granted for the purpose of publishing and maintaining PNDs.

PND authorisations under IPND Scheme



The Local Phone Book Company Pty Ltd

November 2008

Local Directories Pty Ltd

August 2009

Geoffrey Mark Harris

September 2009 

Equifax Pty Ltd

February 2010

Perceptive Communications Pty Ltd

August 2010

Acceleon Pty Ltd

April 2011

Notable Imprint Pty Ltd

October 2016

Last updated: 04 April 2017