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Prepaid mobiles

Verifying at time of activation

Before activating a prepaid mobile carriage service, a CSP must obtain certain information from the service activator and verify identity in accordance with Part 5 of the Determination.

To verify identity, the CSP must obtain at least one piece of identifying evidence about the service activator. Identifying evidence means any of the information mentioned in Schedule 3 of the Determination.

Click here for identity-checking requirements when a CSP is obtaining information and verifying identity at the time of sale.

What are the approved ways to verify identity?

CSPs must verify a service activator’s identity using one of the approved methods (see table below). This occurs whether the service activator is an individual or is activating a service on behalf of an entity (company or business). 

CSPs can choose to implement one or more methods depending on internal business models. 

Approved method Information to be verified by CSP

Verifying the details of government-issued documents using government online verification services (for example, the Document Verification Service).

Service activator name and unique details of a government-issued identity document—for example, drivers licence, Medicare card, passport

Confirming the existence of a post-paid account with the same provider

Account number or phone number of an existing post-paid account—for example, landline, internet or subscription television account with the same provider

Confirming the existence of an eligible prepaid account with the same provider  Account number or phone number of an existing prepaid account with the same mobile provider

Confirming the existence of a trusted (‘white’) e-mail service

An e-mail address ending in '' or ''

Confirming the existence of a financial account

Active Australian bank account

Delivery by secure courier or registered mail service to customer address

Residential address of customer matches address obtained, and identification of person accepting the delivery is sighted 

Sighting identification at the service provider shop front at the time the service is activated  Your name and unique details of document or documents shown at shop front

CSPs cannot record the identifying number of a government document or credit/debit card numbers used in the verification process. However, if the customer consents, a CSP can record credit/debit card numbers for the purpose of enabling payments for the future supply of the service (such as for recharge purposes). CSPs can only use the information on government and other documents during the verification process.

Record-keeping requirements are outlined in Part 7 of the Determination.


The Telecommunications (Service Provider – Identity Checks for Prepaid Mobile Carriage Services) Determination 2013 sets out rules that require CSPs to verify the identity of purchasers and service activators of prepaid mobile services. A range of identity verification methods is available to CSPs. They can choose which method/s they use to verify the identity of purchasers or service activators, but must do so in accordance with the rules set out in the Determination.

Last updated: 22 December 2014

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