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  • EMC, radiocommunications or EME/EMR devices
  • telecommunications customer equipment or broadcasting equipment standards?

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The ACMA has three compliance marks. These marks are:

For first-time suppliers

Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM)

rcmmark bmp

  • The compliance mark suitable for use to indicate compliance to any ACMA regulatory arrangement for suppliers registered on the national database.
  • Will be the only available compliance mark for ACMA and electrical safety purposes after 1 March 2016.
  • Downloadable RCM mark is available in 'zip' format.
  • The compliance label for the RCM mark under the new arrangements comprises a compliance mark only.
  • Originally suitable for indicating compliance for electrical safety and EMC, suppliers still using these arrangements have a compliance label featuring the RCM mark and supplier identification.  

The RCM has recently (1 March 2013) been confirmed as the single compliance mark for all arrangements. Prior to this there were opportunities for suppliers to use the RCM to indicate compliance with the EMC regulatory arrangement where the RCM mark was used in conjunction with supplier identification.  There are transitional arrangements where suppliers were previously labelling with the A-Tick, C-Tick or RCM under the previous arrangements. An outline of the transitional arrangements is available here.

For all previous ACMA-registered suppliers

A-tick and C-tick compliance marks

The A-Tick and C-Tick marks can continue to be used by suppliers with a Supplier Code Number (SCN) issued by the ACMA until 1 March 2016.  Downloadable A-Tick and C-Tick marks in 'Zip Format' are provided below.

A compliance label for the A-Tick and C-Tick comprises the graphical representation of the appropriate mark and information about the identity of the supplier.

A-Tick atick01 jpg

  • used to indicate the compliance of telecommunications customer equipment and customer cabling
  • can continue to be used as a compliance label by suppliers issued with a Supplier Code Number from the ACMA until 1 March 2016
  • Where product is subject to tlecommunications and EMC, EMR or radiocommunications arrangements the compliance label bearing the A-Tick and supplier identification would indicate complaince with all applicable arrangements. 

C-Tick ctickv1 gif

  • used to indicate the compliance of radiocommunications equipment, electrical and electronic equipment subject to the EMC arrangement, and equipment required to meet EME standards
  • can continue to be used as a compliance label by suppliers issued with a Supplier Code Number from the ACMA until 1 March 2016  

Use of particular marks depends largely on when you first commenced labelling products and the types of products you supply. Details of the correct use of compliance marks are specified in the respective regulatory arrangements. For convenience these requirements are also included in the information booklets for the regulatory arrangements.

Information about usage

Use of the mark on a compliance label

A compliance label indicates a device has been certified by the supplier as meeting any applicable standards that apply to that device.  There are requirements for compliance labels including durability, legibility, positioning and font and symbol size.  These requirements are addressed in the respective labelling notices for the applicable regulatory arrangements.

Further information

Further information about all the labelling and compliance requirements can be found on the ACMA website.

Last updated: 02 September 2014

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