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Wireless microphones, in-ear monitoring systems and public announcement systems are used by many community groups (such as schools, clubs and religious organisations) and businesses. Since 1 January 2015, wireless audio transmitters can no longer be operated in the 694–820 MHz frequency range

Changes to the supply of wireless microphones in Australia have been in place for some time.

The ACMA’s wireless microphones hub is your one-stop shop for understanding the changes to the supply and use of wireless microphones. Below are links to our most popular wireless microphone pages. You can view all other pages in our wireless microphones feature index.

Fact sheets, FAQs, video and photo gallery

The ACMA has fact sheets and FAQs that provide everything you need to know about the change and what you need to do. You can also watch our wireless mics short video, featuring popular television presenter Shelley Craft.

To find out what frequency range you can use from 1 January 2015, our fact sheets identify your options on an area-by-area basis.

To find out if you own a wireless microphone, check out the photo gallery to see if you own a similar device. 

Frequency finder resources

For ‘plug and play’ users—to find out what frequency range you can use from 1 January 2015, you can: 

There is also technical information that may be of interest to professional users and suppliers:

Replacing or recycling your wireless microphone

If you’re thinking of buying a new device, check out our list of what wireless mics equipment is available.

Read our Useful links to find information on trade-in deals and free audit of your existing equipment by wireless microphone suppliers. 

Information on recycling your old wireless microphone is also available.

More information

Let your members and community know about the change by including information on in your newsletter, website or newspaper. Download our media kit, which includes suggested text for your newsletter, images of wireless microphones and links to our media releases. You can also download our infographic that you can display in your community club or business.

Find out how we’re helping community groups and businesses prepare for the changes by reading our Stakeholder engagement plan. Read how other groups are preparing for the changes in our case studies and how they have been helping their members and communities prepare.

Read our Background information for links to our media releases and consultation papers. 

Contacting us

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Last updated: 21 September 2015

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