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Applicant info package – 87–88 MHz LPON auction

This Applicant Information Package contains the legal instruments and explanatory material that constitute the official documentation for the auction. It defines the spectrum allocation lots that are to be sold, the auction rules and the interference management framework applying to the subsequent use of the spectrum.

The components of the Applicant Information Package are available below, in Adobe PDF, Word or HTML format:

  • Chapters 1 to 4
    1. What is a Low Power Open Narrowcasting service
    2. How to apply for an LPON transmitter licence
    3. An overview of the price-based allocation process
    4. Other important information about LPON transmitter licences
  • Attachment 1 LPON Allocation Determination (this determination remains in force but the bank account name for payment to the ACMA has changed, see attachment 6a for the correct account name)
  • Attachment 2 Minister's Direction - Price-based Allocation
  • Attachment 3 Intentionally removed
  • Attachment 4a Planning Model for LPONS
  • Attachment 4b Map of Protection Radii
  • Attachment 5 Register of Radiocommunications Licences
  • Attachment 6 LPON Application Checklist
  • Attachment 6a Application Form
  • Attachment 6b Deed of Acknowledgement
  • Attachment 7 Minister's Direction - Hoarding of LPON Licences
  • Attachment 8 Low Power Open Narrowcasting Complaint Form (R014)
  • Attachment 8a Statutory Declaration
  • Attachment 9 Form of Authority
  • Attachment 11a Application low power open narrowcasting variation R057 (Not required for new LPON applications)
  • Attachment 11b Additional Station Information R077 (Not required for new LPON applications)

GIS data available for download

Current broadcasting service protection zone boundaries, also known as "exclusion zones', are available in Shapefile format (ZIP, 6 MB) suitable for use in Geographic Information System (GIS) software. This ZIP file also includes data for the current residential area boundaries. The current broadcasting service protection zone boundaries and residential area boundaries are also available as a Google Earth placemark (KMZ, 1 MB).

See previous auction results.

Last updated: 16 September 2016

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