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IFC 22/2010 - Temporary Trials of 3D TV and other emerging technology

Temporary trials of 3D TV and other emerging technologies


Discussion paper on 3D TV trials

Recent Australian trials of 3D TV were reportedly the first free-to-air trials of 3D broadcast technology in the world. They were facilitated by the ACMA under a policy for testing new radiocommunications technology. This policy draws on the ACMA's powers under the Broadcasting Services Act 1992 and the Radiocommunications Act 1992 to make spectrum in the broadcasting services bands (BSB) available for temporary periods for trials that are 'scientific' in nature, and relate primarily to the testing of technical functions.

The ACMA is aware of interest from potential triallists in conducting further free-to-air 3D TV trials, and has recently authorised additional limited trials for later in 2010.

Importantly, the development of 3D TV as a viable broadcast technology comes at a time when a limited amount of BSB is available for use on a temporary basis.

This discussion paper seeks comment on the anticipated industry demand for temporary use of BSB spectrum for the purposes of conducting trials of 3D TV or other new radiocommunications technologies. The paper also seeks comment on how access to this spectrum might be managed and how consumer protection issues might be addressed.

The Temporary trials of 3D TV and other emerging technologies discussion paper can be downloaded in Word (200 kb) or  PDF (184 kb) formats.

The closing date for comment is 5.00 pm AEST on Friday 15 October 2010.

Submissions received after this date may not be taken into consideration.


Persons wishing to make submissions are encouraged to email them to:

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