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Broadcasting licence fee rebate

This rebate applies to TV licensees only.

The Television Licence Fees Amendment (Licence Fee Rebate) Regulation 2016 (the Regulations), which took effect on 6 May 2016, amended the Television Licence Fees Regulations 1990 to provide a broadcasting licence fee rebate of 25 per cent to eligible commercial television broadcasting licensees for the accounting period ending in 2016.

The rebate will have effect for the 2015-16 return period. The broadcasting licence fee rebate will be automatically calculated in the ACMA broadcasting licence fee (BLF) system and in the 2015-16 BLF forms. The deadline for claiming the rebate is 31 December 2016.

Where licensees are entitled to claim the digital conversion rebate, the digital conversion rebate will be applied before calculating the amount of the broadcasting licence fee rebate.

If you require further information please contact the ACMA Revenue Assurance Section at or phone (02) 6219 5355.


Last updated: 03 August 2016