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How to monitor your spending

Your service provider offers spend-management tools to help you monitor your expenditure and use of your telecommunications service.

Spend-management tools

Your service provider must provide spend-management tools in an accessible manner and at no cost for using the tools.

Some examples of spend-management tools available from service providers include:

  1. accessing your account details online with a secured login on your service provider's website

  2. sending an SMS to your service provider to request notification on account balance, expiry, etc

  3. calling your service provider to check your account

  4. downloading your service provider's mobile phone use applications to your smartphone or tablet to track data use

  5. barring calls to high-cost telecommunications services, such as mobile premium services or calling internationally

  6. restricting international roaming while overseas

  7. advising charges before or during the use of a high-cost telecommunications service

  8. offering pre-paid services

  9. setting hard-caps or a maximum limit on your telecommunications service that cannot be exceeded

  10. reducing broadband internet download speed when usage limit is reached, i.e., speed shaping.

You can contact your service provider to ask which of these tools are currently available.

Last updated: 22 February 2017

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